MSOA Update 2-5-19

1. I have added a few names to our distribution list so if you are seeing one of these emails for the first time, welcome to the MSOA. I encourage you to visit our website at  to find out more about us. We have moved the Masterdatabase and No Contact list under the Missions Tab. Click on Missions Tab, then Manninglists and you will see an introduction and a blue button for the Masterdatabase and another for the No contact list. The Master Database shows what everyone did in support of flights from the Historic Mission Control. I am still missing some manning lists for some disciplines for early Shuttle STS 1 thru 76. If anyone has some manning lists, send them to me at or if you see anything that is wrong with what is there let me know and I will correct it. If you click on the No Contact button you will see a list of names of people we do not have email addresses for. If you see someone on that list, contact them and get them in touch with me at the aforementioned email address. 
2. The 50 th Anniversary of Apollo 11 is scheduled for this July and we are still having trouble getting JSC to commit to scheduled events. We have our, MSOA semi formal dinner and social scheduled for July 21 5:30 to 1000 at Space Center Houston (SCH). There will be dedicated Tram tours for our guests through out that day to go to the restored MCC. We have arranged discount rates at a few hotels in the area per the following and the date spreads vary because we do not know what events are scheduled and if anyone wants to alter the date range that is between you and the hotel:
A. Marriott Courtyard across from SCH, 7/18-7/22, Call 281-333-0220 and mention MSOA when making reservations, Cutoff date is July 5, Sgl King-$99.00, Two Queen- $109.00
B. Hilton on Clear Lake, 7/19-7/22. Call 281-333-9300, Use Code MSO  and the Group name is MSOA Apollo Mission 50th Anniversary. Cutoff date is 6/4 Room rate is $129.00
C. Homewood Suites on Bay Area Blvd near Hway 3. 7/18-7/25, Phone 281-486-7677, or email   Use the Group name MSOA Apollo 50th. There is also a Group Code MSO SMERF. Cutoff Date is 6/20. One King  $134.00  or One suite with two double $149.00
D. Candlewood Suites near Tommy’s Patio Cafe off Bay Area BLVD. 7/19-7/24, Phone 1-877-666-3243, Group Name MSOA Event. Cutoff 7/2. Studio for $114.00. Can also go to

If you have any problem with these, let me know at

3. You can go to the Calendar on our website to see the known scheduled events. 
4. The MCC restoration project is proceeding on schedule unaffected by the government shutdown because it is privately funded. If anyone knows or can remember what was showing on the TVs in the viewing room during the Apollo 11 Landing and any audio that was playing there like TV feed, MOCR loops, PAO, etc please contact Sandra Tetley at or call her at 281-636-6875.
5. Thanks to the people who have responded to me about serving on Panels at SCH. They also want to set up some luncheons with the public and are looking for Apollo Flight Controllers to share their time with the public. Anyone in the local area interested let me know and I will put you on the list.

More to follow as we know it.

MSOA Update 12-19-18

1. First, I want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have made great progress in getting the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association (MSOA) up and running and hope to make more progress this year. One of our main efforts in work is the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 in July. We will keep you updated as plans develop.

2. I have added quite a few names to our distribution list so this is the first message some of you have gotten. I invite you to go to our website at to learn what we are all about. While there you will see a manning database we have constructed showing what each of you did in support of manned spaceflight using as our source the manning lists. We know there are errors as there were changes in manning made between when the manning lists came out and flight,. The only way this can get corrected is for you to notify me at  and I will make those updates as I get them. You will also notice on the website there is a No Contact spreadsheet. This is a list of the names of people on the database that we have no contact info for. If you see your name on the list or someone you know, have them contact me at the aforementioned email address so we can get them on the distribution list.

3. Anyone getting this email at a .gov or company email address, please send me your personal email address. There are many reasons for this but mostly people change jobs, retire, etc and I need to get away from automatic replies from company addresses when you are out of the office. 

4. You will also notice on our website there is a calendar we are trying to keep up to date with planned events as we learn of them. 

5. One of the things I need is manning lists for the Shuttle flights on the data base. I have some pretty good lists for Systems Division, the DPS, and GNC folks. If anyone has any lists please send me a copy.

6. If anyone would like to help out on any of the committees we want to form such as the Social Committee, Historical Committee, and a Memorial Committee, please let me know. Linda Ham is chairman of our Social Committee and will be organizing the activities around events we want to celebrate. Frank Hughes is chairman of the Historical Committee and we want to capture as much history as we can. We want to create a Memorial Committee to address putting in place a permanent memorial to recognize you people who made manned spaceflight happen.

MSOA Update 11-19-18

From William Reeves, President of the MSOA
1. We are continueing to make progress on developing this distribution list and thanks to all those who have responded with email updates and leads to other folks on our No Contact list. I would like for those with .gov or company email addresses to send me at your personal email address to avoid conflicts with company and gov firewalls. If you would prefer, I will use your personal address. 
2. For those newcomers to this list, I invite you to visit our website at  for an explanation of what we are about. While there, visit the No contact list under the About Us Tab to see the folks we are missing contact emails. If you know any of them have them contact me at the above email address so we can include them. 
3. Also on the website there is a calendar tab that we are trying to keep updated with coming events especially next summer for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Our, MSOA, event is scheduled for July 21. We will have a semi formal dinner and social at Space Center Houston with dedicated tram tours during the day to the restored Apollo era MCC. So save the date. I am sure there will be plenty of other events in the area over a period of days. Details to follow as we get them.
4. Gene Kranz just gave an interesting talk at the Flight Jacket Event at the Smithsonian and it can be viewed at the following site.

Welcome to the MSOA

Welcome to the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association (MSOA). You can visit our website at for information about the organization. We have been working to build a mass distribution list of all of the members as identified by the staffing and support lists of all the spaceflights supported from the historic Mission Control wing at JSC. We have elected to go with Mail Chimp in order to send out these emails to the large distribution. This is the first email using this new capability and we will use this mechanism to stay in touch with you. You do not need to respond to this email acknowledging that you got it and please don’t as the list is at 890 and we will get flooded with emails. We are still trying to obtain contact information for people we have identified as members through the various manning lists and there is a spread sheet on the website called No Contact List under the About Us Tab that shows the approx. 4000 people we need contact info for. If you see your name on that list or someone you know, get in touch with Bill Reeves at and provide your or their contact info or get in touch with the people you know and have them contact him.
As I said, this is the first of many emails to follow and we look forward to building this organization together.