Welcome to the MSOA

Welcome to the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association (MSOA). You can visit our website at www.mannedspaceops.org for information about the organization. We have been working to build a mass distribution list of all of the members as identified by the staffing and support lists of all the spaceflights supported from the historic Mission Control wing at JSC. We have elected to go with Mail Chimp in order to send out these emails to the large distribution. This is the first email using this new capability and we will use this mechanism to stay in touch with you. You do not need to respond to this email acknowledging that you got it and please don’t as the list is at 890 and we will get flooded with emails. We are still trying to obtain contact information for people we have identified as members through the various manning lists and there is a spread sheet on the website called No Contact List under the About Us Tab that shows the approx. 4000 people we need contact info for. If you see your name on that list or someone you know, get in touch with Bill Reeves at alphaflt23@gmail.com and provide your or their contact info or get in touch with the people you know and have them contact him.
As I said, this is the first of many emails to follow and we look forward to building this organization together.

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