MSOA Update 11-19-18

From William Reeves, President of the MSOA
1. We are continueing to make progress on developing this distribution list and thanks to all those who have responded with email updates and leads to other folks on our No Contact list. I would like for those with .gov or company email addresses to send me at your personal email address to avoid conflicts with company and gov firewalls. If you would prefer, I will use your personal address. 
2. For those newcomers to this list, I invite you to visit our website at  for an explanation of what we are about. While there, visit the No contact list under the About Us Tab to see the folks we are missing contact emails. If you know any of them have them contact me at the above email address so we can include them. 
3. Also on the website there is a calendar tab that we are trying to keep updated with coming events especially next summer for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Our, MSOA, event is scheduled for July 21. We will have a semi formal dinner and social at Space Center Houston with dedicated tram tours during the day to the restored Apollo era MCC. So save the date. I am sure there will be plenty of other events in the area over a period of days. Details to follow as we get them.
4. Gene Kranz just gave an interesting talk at the Flight Jacket Event at the Smithsonian and it can be viewed at the following site.

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