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As of 4/28/2019

     The following data base was generated by William D. Reeves with the intent of having a database of anyone who ever worked operations supporting the manned space flights that were flown out of the Historic Mission Control at Johnson Space Center, Houston. This database also serves to identify all that are associates of the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association. It was decided, after much discussion, to include anyone that was on any of the official manning memos for each flight. I obtained copies of the memos from Gene Kranz for Gemini, Apollo, ASTP, and SKYLAB and used them as the source for the database. I have received many piecemeal manning lists for Shuttle flights from various disciplines but am still missing some. I make corrections from individuals as I get them. Another major source of information was the book “Space Shuttle Missions Summary” created by Robert Legler and Floyd Bennett.

                The spreadsheet is set up with all the names in column A and B in alphabetical order. Across the top are all the flights in order from Gemini 2 until Shuttle flight STS 76 which was the last flight supported from the historic MCC. The manning memos were inconsistent in format which is why you will not see the same columns identified under all the flights. Also, there were some manning lists that did not have distribution lists or Addressees. The dates for the cited source memos is the date of the memo. Penciled edits to the lists were also incorporated. There were many typos for the names in the memos and the names were corrected as the database was developed so for some flights the exact name on the database will not match the spelling of the name on the memo or the correct initials. Some military personnel changed rank with time and as the database was developed chronologically the ranks were updated to the latest rank. Therefore the ranks for a given flight may not match what the rank was during that flight. Some names, especially in the science rooms, had affiliation (company, school, business, etc) next to the name but this was not included in the data base because they changed with time. There are also some known differences between actual manning and the manning memos. There were a lot of changes in positions between the memos and the actual flights but I have no way of capturing these changes except for feedback from individuals. To my knowledge there were no as flown manning lists. I have also included on every flight a column titled Unknown Shift to collect information from people who tell me what flight they supported but cannot remember what shift they were on. Some of the manning lists I have received from personal files, show people who supported Orbit Shift without specifying which one. When I came across this I just put them under the Orbit 1 Shift.

                On the database, select the View tab at the top utility bar then select the cell at row 5, Column C and click on Freeze Pane on the utility bar. This will allow you to use the right scroll bar to scroll down the list of names to the name you are looking for then use the lower scroll bar to scroll across to the flight or flights you are interested in while maintaining the headers.

               As I developed the database, when a name was in doubt as to spelling or initials I just went ahead and created a new row and entered the name as it appeared on the manning list with the position indicated. Therefore there may be multiple rows of the same person. I have tried to eliminate as much duplication as possible.  For the women’s names that changed with marriage, I listed their name as they appeared at the time of the flight. Therefore there may be multiple listings for the same person as the name changed.

                Please send your comments directly to William Reeves at either or  I would love to get any manning lists or memos for any of the Shuttle flights listed after STS 9 and will make any corrections as I receive them.

The database has been expanded to the end of the Space Shuttle Program and is a work in progress.

Master Database


No Contact List

                The following spreadsheet represents all the people who have been identified so far via the official manning lists for flights from Gemini 2 through STS 76. These are all the flights supported from the historic MCC. The Manned Spaceflight Operations Association , MSOA, is in the process of building a distribution list so we can communicate with our members. If your name is on this spreadsheet, it means we do not have an email address for you. Please send it with your full name to Bill Reeves at All email addresses will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with anyone.

No Contact List