MSOA Update 11-19-18

From William Reeves, President of the MSOA
1. We are continueing to make progress on developing this distribution list and thanks to all those who have responded with email updates and leads to other folks on our No Contact list. I would like for those with .gov or company email addresses to send me at your personal email address to avoid conflicts with company and gov firewalls. If you would prefer, I will use your personal address. 
2. For those newcomers to this list, I invite you to visit our website at  for an explanation of what we are about. While there, visit the No contact list under the About Us Tab to see the folks we are missing contact emails. If you know any of them have them contact me at the above email address so we can include them. 
3. Also on the website there is a calendar tab that we are trying to keep updated with coming events especially next summer for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Our, MSOA, event is scheduled for July 21. We will have a semi formal dinner and social at Space Center Houston with dedicated tram tours during the day to the restored Apollo era MCC. So save the date. I am sure there will be plenty of other events in the area over a period of days. Details to follow as we get them.
4. Gene Kranz just gave an interesting talk at the Flight Jacket Event at the Smithsonian and it can be viewed at the following site.

MSOA Update 11-11-18

This is an update of the MSOA from William (Bill) Reeves, President of the MSOA. I will send these out periodically to let you know what is going on with the MSOA and to get help with the organization and activities of the organization.

1. First let me say Thank You on this Veteran’s Day to all the Vets that served our country.
2. Secondly I would like to thank the ones that showed up at Ellington this last Thursday for the arrival of the first two rows of restored consoles for the Apollo Era Control Center restoration project. I know everyone did not get the word of the event but we are still trying to get our contact and distribution lists up and running.
3. In regards to the distribution list, I sent our first message, a Welcome message, out a couple of weeks ago as a test of our new distribution list. I got about a 55% open report on the message and 41 bounce backs indicating problems with the email addresses we have. I have corrected as many as I could and this message will be another test of where we are.
4. For those new people on this distribution and all, I invite you to visit our website at to find out all about us. And while there under the About Us Tab you will find a No Contact List. That is a list of all the people we have identified that supported manned spaceflights that were flown from the historic wing of the MCC that we do not have contact info for. If you see your name on that list or someone you know on that list that you can contact, contact or have them contact Bill Reeves at so we can update our contact and distribution list.

Welcome to the MSOA

Welcome to the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association (MSOA). You can visit our website at for information about the organization. We have been working to build a mass distribution list of all of the members as identified by the staffing and support lists of all the spaceflights supported from the historic Mission Control wing at JSC. We have elected to go with Mail Chimp in order to send out these emails to the large distribution. This is the first email using this new capability and we will use this mechanism to stay in touch with you. You do not need to respond to this email acknowledging that you got it and please don’t as the list is at 890 and we will get flooded with emails. We are still trying to obtain contact information for people we have identified as members through the various manning lists and there is a spread sheet on the website called No Contact List under the About Us Tab that shows the approx. 4000 people we need contact info for. If you see your name on that list or someone you know, get in touch with Bill Reeves at and provide your or their contact info or get in touch with the people you know and have them contact him.
As I said, this is the first of many emails to follow and we look forward to building this organization together.