The restoration of the third floor Apollo Mission Operations Control Center focuses on the lunar landing missions. The following flight controller positions are those which, with few exceptions, represent the MOCR positions for all the Apollo lunar landing missions.

Front Row

  • Booster Systems Engineer
  • Retrofire Officer
  • Flight Dynamics Officer
  • Guidance Officer

Second Row

  • Life Systems Officer (Flight Surgeon)
  • CapCom (astronaut)
  • CSM EECOM Engineer
  • CSM GNC Engineer
  • LM EECOM Engineer
  • LM GNC Engineer

Third Row

  • Operations & Procedures Officer
  • Assistant Flight Director
  • INCO (Instrumentation & Communications)
  • Flight Director
  • Flight Activities & Experiments Officer
  • Network Controller

Fourth Row

  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Director of Flight Operations
  • Mission Director
  • DOD Manager